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10 Most Googled Questions About Linen


As we all want to take the best decision when it comes to buying clothes or furniture, we ran into several questions asked by people all around the world regarding linen.

As we are confident about the great quality and ease given by this fabric, we want to share the most asked question in Google, regarding linen, and also give you an answer from our own experience working with this fabric.

1. How does linen feel?

While linen may seem stiff at first sight, it is actually soft, comfortable and unbeatably fresh. These properties make linen feel nice on your skin, therefore linen is used not only for clothes, but also for bedding, kitchenware, and bathroom necessities.

In photo: Forest Green Linen Apron

2. Is linen durable?

Linen is highly durable. Actually, it is one of the strongest natural fabrics. If compared to cotton, it's almost three times as strong.

3. What is the difference between cotton and linen?

Cotton is made from a cotton plant and linen is produced from the flax plant. Although cotton drapes well, linen is recognized thanks to its particular texture and rumpled look. Yes, you can recognize linen from slight wrinkles, but it recently became a sign of status.

4. Is linen soft?

Naturally linen fabric has a rough texture. Especially when talking about clothing and houseware products. The fabric goes trough special softening procedures. That's how it gets that soft and wrinkled texture.

But, what happens afterwards? You'll be surprised to see that linen gets softer and softer every time it's washed. Actually in Linen Tales, we pre-wash all our linen products. This will not only make it super soft before you buy it, but also keep the fabric from shrinking later on. Moreover, waffle linen (as you can see it in our shop) can be as soft as cotton.

In photo: Martini Olive Linen Waffle Towels


5. Why linen bedsheets?

Nervermind the season, linen is perfect for bedding. It's almost like it has climate control built into it: it won’t let you overheat during summer and keep you warm during winter. Moreover, it has special hypoallergenic properties! So it's perfect ior kids and adults who have allergies. Plus it will be always gently and soft on your skin.

6. Will linen shrink?

It does right after the first couple of washes. However, we pre-wash every single one of our products, so you won’t have any problem (don't forget, only cold water).

In photo: Forest Green Linen Apron + Forest Green Linen Kitchen Towel


7. Why is linen so expensive?

Even though today linen is widely used, it's still considered a luxurious fabric. That is because of the time it takes to produce linen yarn, and all the manual processes that have to be done in order to craft it.

8. Are linen bedsheets itchy?

Of course not! Linen bed sheets are super soft and pleasant to the skin. Especially if we talk about Linen Tales products. All our beddings are carefully made, so believe us, you will have the best bed time ever.

9. Can linen be washed in a washing machine?

It's important to take care of your linens. But dont worry, because is almost as easy as taking care of cotton. Linen can be washed in a washing machine at up to 60 °C temperature water. Avoid bleach as it weakens the fabric.

10. When to wear linen?

Linen is perfect for any season, so put on your best linen dress/shirt as ofen as you want. It will cool you during hot days and save you from ruthless winds during the cold seasons.


In photos: Dark Grey Linen Placemat + Thin Black Stripes Linen Napkin 

If you have any more questions about linen properties, hit us up – we have quite a good understanding about the fabric from years of work experience. We are so dedicated to it, that we created the whole business around it.

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