If you want something beautiful for your dining table, our elegant linen placemats are the perfect option for you. You can choose from bright, vivid or soft natural colors to find the right one that will go perfectly with a style you want to give to your dining room. Let your imagination fly while combining these beautiful placemats with any other of our beautiful table linen garments made with the finest linen fabric.

Our linen placemats will not only decorate your table, but also protect it from various kinds of damage such as heat or food stains. Linen placemats are easily washable and can be used every day or for special occasions. We make all our table linen from pre-washed linen, which is soft to the touch yet extremely durable. Linen placemats can be used alone or easily combined with tablecloths, napkinsand other table linen. Look for the best matches for your chosen linen placemats in our online shop.