Coasters are the small gesture of care to the dining table you should never forget. Our neat linen coasters are perfect for giving a great style and harmony to your table while keeping stains and marks off the wood or any other kind of surface so everything stays nice and clean.

Linen coasters are both decorative and practical items of table linen. They protect surfaces from the damage of hot beverages. There are endless possibilities to get creative with your table setting once you add linen coasters. All products in our online shop are made from the highest quality fine linen. Therefore, our linen coasters can be machine washed and ironed while they are still slightly wet – it will only make them softer. Our linen coasters are usually 10x10 cm (0.4x0.4 in) in size, but you can contact us and we will gladly receive custom orders regarding lengths and widths.

You can also match coasters with our linen napkinsor linen placemats for a finished look, as we offer the same colours, prints, and stripes to all table linen.