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Spring is that time of year when bringing new touches to our homes feels necessary. And with this wonderful season being just around the corner, we introduce to you some of the hottest home interior trends for 2022 that we absolutely love.

During the last few years, we saw a great deal of interior decor inspiration coming from nature. And this year is no different. Unable to spend enough time in nature we try to invite it to our homes through colors, textures, prints and even live greenery. There is also an increasing appreciation for hand-crafted, sustainable pieces that are made with respect to nature. We see a lot of natural materials like wood, clay, linen, or hemp being used in various interiors, showing just how versatile they can be.

While some might be a little skeptical about following the latest interior trends, we believe that they are a wonderful source of inspiration. So feast your eyes on these lovely interior ideas and who knows, maybe some of them will be just the right update your home needs.

Sustainability in Everyday Life

While some trends focus on the visuals and creating a certain atmosphere, others reflect a change in our mindset. In recent years we became increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and sustainability became an important keyword in interior design and decor. This year we should see even more eco-friendly, consciously designed, and thoughtfully made pieces.

It’s a trend we at Linen Tales are really happy about as it is in tune with our values. We aim to offer high-quality, sustainable, and timeless home linen to make everyday life more beautiful. That’s why we use only OEKO-TEX certified linen and our products qualify for the EUROPEAN FLAX certificate . What does this mean? Simply that our bed linen, table linen, and all other home linen pieces are safe to use and are made following strict standards for quality and sustainability. Led by a great desire to find more sustainable options, we recently introduced a new hemp collection  to offer a wider range of thoughtfully made pieces for your home.


Earthy Touches

In 2022, an earthy color palette stays at the top of the trends. We are talking about all the warm tones from creamy off-white to warm amber to deep nutmeg. These shades are incredibly versatile and let you create a calming and down-to-earth atmosphere. A truly wonderful and simple way to invite nature to your interior.

Want to try this trend at home? Decide what colors are already dominant in your interior and try to see which earthy tones could go well with them. Introduce those earthy shades through bedding, table linen pieces, carpets, cushion covers, or curtains.

Earthy Touches

Find more inspiration in EARTHY TOUCHES  Pinterest board:

Biophilic design

Seems like in recent years we can’t get enough of the greenery in our homes. But this biophilic trend takes things even further - it is all about recreating a forest or a garden in your home. We will be seeing giant monsteras and ficus lyratas occupying office spaces, various houseplants covering apartment walls, and even islands with grass or moss. Surrounding ourselves with so much greenery is a wonderful way to connect with nature and create a calming oasis at our own home.

If you love plants, now you have a perfect reason to introduce a few more into your interior. However, if taking care of live plants is not your cup of tea, you can recreate the forest or jungle theme with wallpapers, bedding, cushion covers, or table linen with nature-inspired prints.

Find more inspiration in BIOPHILIC DESIGN  Pinterest board:

Shades of Green

In addition to earthy tones, this year expect to see green shades everywhere. From soft Sage and Green Milieu to bright Moss Green and deep Forest Green, this color palette is another wonderful way to create a relaxing atmosphere and feel closer to nature in the comfort of your own home.

Green tones can be introduced in many ways, from painting a whole wall in your living room to adding subtle home decor elements. If you are not ready for big changes, try elevating your bedroom with a green bedding set  or dressing your dinner table in table linen  of different green shades. This trend also goes well with earthy tones, allowing you to create grounding color combinations.

Shades of green

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Bold Patterns and Colors

As a counterweight to neutral earthy tones, bold colors and patterns will also gain popularity this year. And the way to introduce these vibrant tones into your interior is up to your imagination. It can be a bright mustard sofa, a wallpaper with a strong pattern, a funky carpet, or smaller pops of color around the room. Those bright shades and bold prints can surely create a sense of joy and fun, while still maintaining a sophisticated tone. The key is simply to not overdo it.

You can try this trend with our new bright French Blue and Lemon Curry colors and a unique Tie Dye  print. Elevate your living room with a couple of bold-colored cushion covers  or dress your dinner table with these colors to create a stunning impression.

Bold Patterns and Colors

Find more inspiration in BOLD PATTERNS & COLORS  Pinterest board: 

We hope you are excited about these trends just as we are. And remember - it is all about your own unique style so use these ideas as an inspiration and pick only those bits and pieces that will make your interior and your daily life more beautiful.

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