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One of the most appreciated linen’s feature is its durability. Coming from nature, and only treated with high quality materials, it can last you for years. This time, we have prepared you some useful tips and tricks on maintaining linen’s cleanliness without damaging the fabric. Whether you’re interested in general rules or how to deal with specific stains, you’ll find some useful information below

In photo: Cafe Creme Linen Placemat + White Linen Napkin

How to wash linen fabric? General rules.

– During the first wash, it is best to use a temperature lower than 40°C.
– Linen should be washed at 40°C. If some heavy-duty stains appear, you can increase the temperature up to 60°C. However, high temperatures shouldn’t be used too often as linen tends to shrink.
– Linen should be washed separately from other fabrics and colors.

How to wash linen fabric in the washing machine?

– Linen is machine-washable. If yours allows, choose the highest possible water level.
– Do not overload the washing machine. Overloading can result in pieces of laundry intertwining with each other, twisting, and changing their original shape.

How to hand-wash linen fabric?

– If you decided to hand-wash your linen pieces, use lots of water, as linen tends to absorb great amounts of it.
– Rinse the linen carefully. Do not twist, crumple, or rub the fabric hardly – it can result in damage.
– Hand-wash is best for thin linen fabrics, which could get damaged in the washing machine.

What detergents should I use for linen fabric?

– It is advised to choose soft, neutral detergents for delicate fabrics.
– Avoid detergents with bleach (i.e. chlorine, peroxide).
– Do not put detergents directly on the fabric.
– Detergents must be fully rinsed after washing.

In photos: Thin Black Stripes Linen Placemats + Dark Grey Linen Napkins

How to dry linen fabric?

– Linen can be dried in a tumble dryer on a low temperature, hung, or left to dry flat on a white towel.
– If using a tumble dryer, take the linen out when it’s still damp and complete drying by hanging it or laying flat on a white towel.
– If possible, allow white linen pieces to dry out in the sun. It will help to maintain the fresh whiteness.
– Do not overdry linen as it can weaken or shrink the fabric.

How to iron linen fabric?

– Iron linen while it’s still slightly damp.
– Use medium or high temperatures and steam. If needed, you can also spray some water on the fabric.
– Iron on the reverse side.
– If you like the natural, slightly crinkled look of linen, you can skip the ironing. Spraying some water on the biggest wrinkles will help to even them out slightly. Simply lay your linen piece on a flat surface, spray some water and even out with your hand. Allow to dry.

Can I bleach linen fabric?

– You can only bleach white linen pieces. Do not bleach colored items.
– It is recommended to use oxygen-based bleaching agents.
– Do not use chlorine-based bleach. It changes the hue of white fabrics and weakens the fiber, which results in quick weariness and even ripping.
– Use bleach carefully, avoid doing it too often.

In photos: Cafe Creme Linen Placemats + White Linen Napkin

How to clean stains from linen fabric?

– There are plenty of tips and tricks on cleaning specific stains, but not all of them are effective, while some can even damage linen fabric. If you’ve spilled some wine on a tablecloth, coffee on your shirt or some chocolate ended up on your napkin, follow the general rules of washing linen fabric.
– If you decide to use a stain remover, try a small amount of it on a discrete spot (reverse side, stitch, etc.). Use a Q-tip to pick a tiny amount of stain remover and apply it on the fabric. If any color remains on the Q-tip, it means the stain remover should not be used on linen. If Q-tip remains white, you’re good to go.
– If you cannot get rid of the stains, it is best to use dry-cleaning and leave it to professionals to take the best care of your linen pieces. That way you can rest assured that any stains will be removed safely and protectively of the linen fabric.

Photos by Lina Juškė

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