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The Everyday Luxury Of Linen Waffle Towels


Waffle towels sure sound delicious but they’re meant for more than just the kitchen! Linen waffle towels are weaved in a chunky honeycomb pattern, not only giving them that distinct luxurious look, but also making them soft and super absorbent. Here are a few places these smart qualities of waffle towels come in handy:

The gym

Nothing can ruin a good workout more than having to carry a heavy damp towel in your gym bag – an inconvenience that can often happen with even the fluffiest cotton towels. Waffle towels are extremely absorbent – they can absorb up to 20 % of their own weight and then dry quickly. Being made of linen, they’re naturally antibacterial, which means they’ll stay fresh longer. Moreover, linen waffle towels are slender to pack, making you feel even lighter. And, since you can easily air-dry them without wasting heating energy, they’re environmentally friendly, which should definitely score you extra points in your yoga class.


A home SPA

Surely, it feels like you’ve seen a waffle towel before. And the place you’ve most likely seen it is a spa. There are a few reasons luxurious resorts and spas tend to choose waffle towels for their guests. First of all, they save space. The honeycomb weave gives the towels fluffiness without the bulk, making them easier to store. Another desirable feature is the exfoliation factor. The chunky pattern of these natural linen towels softly massages your skin, leaving it feeling invigorated and relaxed. Now all that’s left to do is light a couple of candles and switch off your phone.


Any busy home, really

Being a naturally antibacterial material, linen waffle towels are the ideal helper when you need to quickly dry your hands in the kitchen, wipe off countertops or dab the happy spillage of a messy kid. Plus they dry quickly even in humid bathrooms. Which means that at the end of the day you’ll step out of the shower onto the soft touch of linen instead of a musty cotton towel someone forgot to put on the radiator. Waffle towels will serve you for years. Toss them in the washing machine when you’re done – the good news is that they’ll get even softer after each wash. Just make sure you don’t overdry them and set the dryer cycle to “gentle”

Interested in upping your towel game? Browse our waffle towel range – we have them in several colors, to meet even the most intricate needs!.

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