The kitchen is one of those places in the house where you create magic. Through food, we show how much we care and love each other. Just like this, you can genuinely bring your loved ones, and with the help of linen, you make the experience more enjoyable. 

The kitchen space's linens are sumptuous because of many factors, such as antibacterial and durability. Not only that, but different kitchen linen pieces will bring the kitchen space functionality with a touch of aesthetic. 

At Linen Tales™, you can choose different linen kitchen pieces. To bring character to such a space, you can choose from solid colors like mustard, moss green, white, natural, and many more. Or, if you feel more playful, you can choose from different seasonal prints or traditional prints like stripes and grids.

The kitchen linen collection contains 100% linen fabric products that are delicate, soft, and gentle to the touch. The exceptional softness is achieved with the help of modern technologies. Linen Tales™ is inspired by nature, and this kitchen collection is a great way to elevate the experience of your time in the kitchen. Linen Tales™ kitchen collection contains:

Aprons. Practical yet sophisticated and stylish linen pieces that will help you protect your clothing. Choose from different styles of aprons that we carry and unleash the chef in you.

Kitchen towels. Handy kitchen tea towels will be a great companion to clean the mess you accidentally created. The beauty behind our tea towels is that every piece will look great as decoration; you can also serve food on the linen kitchen towels.

Dishcloths. An irreplaceable tool helps keep things nice and clean around your kitchen space. Our linen dishcloths are made from rough-textured linen material, so it will be easy for you to wash and tidy up the room. 

Why are aprons a must-have piece in the kitchen?

If you are that person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, you'll know for sure that the apron is one of the essential things to have. Owning an apron doesn't mean you must follow stylish trends and hold it just because it looks good. 

Aprons are more of a functional piece. Generally, an apron prevents your clothes from coming in contact with the food and spreads germs, dust, hair, etc. Well, one thing is for sure: Linen Tales™ aprons are not only functional, but since we love the creative process, we created them with stylish aspects in mind. 

Our linen aprons are comfortable and easily adjustable pieces that will make your cooking time more fun and exciting. Every linen apron we produce has front pockets where you can put the things or tools you might need. 

At Linen Tales™, you have a choice between these fantastic and stylish linen aprons:

Daily apron. Sophisticated yet beautiful apron for everyday uses. This apron has a comfortable tie closure that lets you comfortably adjust the size, and the front pockets are perfect for storing things you might need. 

Chef apron. This type of apron is for the ones that want a perfect balance between looking sharp and functionality. Long ties let you wrap straps and tie them at the front, and adjustable neck straps will bring a comfortable feeling. Two front pockets are perfect for keeping things at hand. 

Crossback apron. Comfort in a nutshell. This fantastic apron doesn't have any tieing involved; you just put it on; it's that easy. The cross-back that forms from the straps won't let the apron slip off. Two from pockets are designed for your convenience to keep things at hand. 

Pinafore apron. Designed for you to feel comfortable throughout your time in the kitchen. No additional straps or ties, just put it on, and you are ready. In the front, there are four pockets to store things you might need. 

Luxury apron. A heavy-duty apron that is designed as gender neutral linen piece. A stylish apron has a genuine leather neck strap that is adjustable for your comfort. And two front pockets are handy when you need something while cooking outside or in the kitchen. 

Garçon apron. The sophisticated style of this apron is perfect for use as a commercial uniform or handy for any home tasks. The tie closure lets you comfortably adjust the size, and two front pockets will help carry handy things. 

If you want to learn more about linen aprons and why they are one of the kitchen's must-haves, check out our blog.

Why is linen perfect for kitchen space?

Linen textile has been with us for ages, and many generations use the pieces made from them. Since linen is a natural material, it sometimes is considered a luxury material because of its unique structure and properties. 

Using linen in the kitchen has many benefits that are not only suitable for any person, but also linen for kitchen space is safe in contact with food. Here are a few facts and properties of linen that makes it a perfect fit to use in the kitchen:

Durable and long-lasting. Linen is one of the world's most robust and durable natural materials. The stability and durability come because a lower thread count of linen fiber is needed to make it into a fabric. Another great thing about linen in the kitchen is that it'll get softer each time you wash it, so you don't need to worry about linen being harsh on the skin. 

Environmentally friendly. The sustainability factor nowadays is significant. Linen is a natural material that is friendly to the planet and you. Culturing linen and growing falx plant is helpful to the earth; for example, growing flax plant reduces CO2. While cultivating, there is no need to use harmful chemicals or pesticides on people or the planet. Since it's a natural fabric, it's biodegradable if you want to throw away your kitchen linen.

Antibacterial properties. Linen is known for its strength and durability, but another great thing about linen is that it has a natural antibacterial factor. An essential principle in the kitchen is hygiene. Using linen in the kitchen space, you won't have any issues because of its natural ability not to contain any bacteria, mold, or mildew. 

Absorbs water. Linen loves water. In general, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture. So, if you spill anything in the kitchen you can trust the linen kitchen towels to absorb any liquid without getting overly wet. 

How to take care of kitchen linen pieces?

The care and hygiene of your kitchen linen pieces are among the most important things. The beauty behind this natural material is that it will last you a long time with proper care, and with every wash, it will become softer.

Having clean, fresh, and germ-free linen kitchen pieces will make you want to spend more in the kitchen. All kitchen linen pieces are essential, especially kitchen linen towels. To have clean kitchen linen, we have prepared quick steps you can follow for caring for linen:

Preparation for a wash. Kitchen space can be messy, so we do get it that accidents and staining can happen. To have perfect-looking kitchen linen every time, you need to pre-treat any deep stains before the main wash. The best way to do this is to use a water and soap mixture to lift the stain and throw it in the washing machine.

The main wash. Wash linen kitchen pieces are a simple process. One of the most important steps is to use a gentle liquid detergent. We don't recommend powder detergent because the powder particles can stick to the linen fiber, reducing the piece's lifespan. 

As for the washing machine settings, you need to ensure that the water temperature is at 30-40℃ / 86-104℉, which is lukewarm water, and set a gentle washing cycle because linen loves water. We recommend washing it separately from other fabrics. 

Drying and storing. The best way to dry linen is by hanging. This way, you will not only get fewer wrinkles but won't tear, as can happen in the drying machine. If you don't have an opportunity to use the hang-dry method, then the dryer machine is fine - store your kitchen linen in a dark and dry place.