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Alina is the heart and soul of our Shop & Café. She's responsible for ensuring that the store shelves are always stocked and that our clients' cups are filled with delicious coffee. Alina greets customers warmly and guides them through our wide array of linen products, helping them choose their dream items.

Stories From The Linen Tales Family

How would you describe a team with women at its core?

It‘s a team where women play significant roles. It fosters an environment, where women feel supported and encouraged to thrive. Their contributions are valued and recognized, leading to a dynamic and inclusive work culture.

How do you feel being a part of a Linen Tales family? Are there any activities or team rituals to celebrate femininity and bond with other female colleagues?

I feel wonderful being a part of the Linen Tales family. We have so much fun and inspiration working together as a team. We always help and support each other. I share a close bond with my fellow store colleagues, and we often connect outside of work. Our favorite hangout spot is the restaurant, where we enjoy delicious food and engage in conversations on various topics such as family, food, travel, worries, and joys. Additionally, we have a tradition of celebrating birthdays and preparing small surprises for each other.

Do you feel that gender can create any barriers to reaching professional goals? Can you share your thoughts on this in the Linen Tales company context?

In our contemporary society, both men and women have equal opportunities to pursue their careers. The only conditions necessary are desire, hard work, and persistence. Not too long ago, it was commonplace to believe that a woman's primary role should be to take care of the children, leaving little room for career possibilities. However, this mindset is undergoing significant change. Now, either parent can take paternity leave to care for their newborn, reflecting a more balanced approach to parenting responsibilities.

Moreover, the notion that certain professions are exclusively masculine or feminine is evolving. We're seeing more and more men joining the Linen Tales team, which suggests a shift in traditional gender roles. Who knows, perhaps soon, we'll welcome a male colleague to our store as well.

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