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Gerda, our dedicated B2B account manager, plays a pivotal role in nurturing relationships with Linen Tales' business partners. Her responsibilities include managing private label collections, fulfilling our brand vision, and representing us at interior design trade shows, where she engages with both existing and prospective partners. We deeply value Gerda's unwavering positivity and dedication to achieving her goals.

Stories From The Linen Tales Family

How would you describe a team with women at its core?

When I think of such a team, laughter, creative ideas, and a dedicated work environment come to mind. It's a place where I feel listened to, understood, and valued. I consider my colleagues to be a wonderful gift in my life, as each one of them inspires me every single day!

How do you feel being a part of a Linen Tales family? Are there any activities or team rituals to celebrate femininity and bond with other female colleagues?

I highly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Linen Tales family, surrounded by my smart, talented, and passionate colleagues. I cherish our coffee breaks, brief walks when the weather lets us bask in the warmth of the sun, and of course, our book club, where conversations start with thoughts about the book, but can often take unexpected turns. These naturally evolved rituals have allowed us to forge not only professional bonds but also personal friendships that I believe will last a lifetime.

Do you feel that gender can create any barriers to reaching professional goals? Can you share your thoughts on this in the Linen Tales company context?

When discussing professional paths, it's evident that certain stereotypes still exist, categorizing jobs into male and female domains. These stereotypes can act as mental barriers, influencing how we perceive achievable career options based on gender. For women, there's often added pressure to prioritize family commitments, which can impact career progression.

I believe that nowadays there is more room for dialogue surrounding work-life balance between partners, and it’s the question of mutual agreement. In my own experience, I've chosen to prioritize my family and view it as a privilege rather than a sacrifice. I'm grateful to be part of a team that not only supports my career goals but also respects my life priorities. I take pride in never having missed any of my 4-year-old kindergarten stage plays!

At Linen Tales, most of our team members are women, with a few new male colleagues. However, each member, regardless of gender, brings valuable skills and shared values to the team. Gender doesn't play a role in selecting our next valued colleague; it's all about talent and fitting within our team culture.

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