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The benefits of linen are without a doubt widely known and appreciated around the world, throughout the centuries. But nowadays, as the importance of sustainability and ecology is fast-growing, we hear our clients asking one question more and more often: is linen sustainable? The short answer is “yes”!

Naturally sustainable fabric

Linen is made from the flax plant, growing of which requires fewer resources like water or pesticides compared to widely used cotton. When the plant is harvested, different parts of it are used for making various products other than linen fabric, such as twines, ropes, also linen seed oil and meal, both of which are used as food supplements for their health-boosting properties. Finally, flax doesn’t require any chemicals to be produced into linen fabric and the fabric itself is fully biodegradable if no chemicals are used in the making.

We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability in everyday life and also in business. That is why we strive to stay responsible and mindful throughout all the steps of our work.


Waste minimization is at the base of our manufacturing processes. We plan the cutting of our fabrics carefully so that we have as little leftovers as possible. Afterward, the leftovers are used to make smaller products or are given away as a material to sewing schools or crafters who produce handmade linen products. If any products get spoiled during or after manufacturing, we try to fix them, recycle them into other products, or sell them along with sample products during our regular office sales. 

Supply and logistics

In order to minimize the CO2 footprint, we prioritize working with partners in Lithuania or neighboring countries. Therefore all our fabrics are woven and prepared in Europe, which also ensures the higher quality of materials. Our products are manufactured within 100 km from our warehouse from which the orders are then shipped to the final customer. We carefully plan our logistics chain to avoid unnecessary CO2 emission, save time and other resources.


At Linen Tales, we take great pride in offering sustainable products that make a positive impact from
the moment they arrive at your doorstep. To minimize the use of plastic, we opt for recycled plastic packaging only when it is absolutely necessary to protect the products and maintain their quality.
Therefore, our B2B clients receive their products in one large bag per box instead of complimentary individual bags. Our products are tied with either twine or ribbon featuring the linen tales logo. Additionally, each item includes a paper hang tag featuring a unique drawing created specifically for that product, whether it’s a sheet, tablecloth, kitchen towel, or any other item from our collection.