April 28, 2021 2 min read

There are so many reasons to be excited about Easter, don’t you think? We gather around the table with our loved ones, it’s ok to eat breakfast food and cake all day, and it officially feels like spring. And whether we keep our Easter table humble or make it a true centerpiece of the home, decorating it is a lovely way to create a festive mood. So if you are on the lookout for new and inspiring ideas, we share some of our favorite ones.


1. Nature-inspired layers

Oh, how we miss the smell and sight of colorful flowers and blossoming fields! So why not create a blooming meadow right on the Easter table? 

For the base, choose a delicate soft-colored floral print tablecloth. Then, layer with color-coordinated accessories, like linen placemats, table runners, or napkins. To avoid a loud and kitschy result, stick to 1 or 2 dominant tones and stay on the softer side when it comes to the intensity of colors. You can add a bouquet of fresh flowers or greens of similar colors to bring the whole composition to life.

Linen table for easter


2. Go bold

If you are looking for a neat, yet eye-catching table decor, we suggest you play with contrast and bold accents. Start with a neutral-colored tablecloth. We recommend white as it is the most versatile and festive, but you can choose light grey, beige, or another similar color. Then, decorate with contrasting and bold table linen, like bright Moss Green napkins or lush Forest Green table runners. Take it a step further with contrasting tableware or even a bold-colored vase with the budding branch.


White linen table

3. Dazzle with the sweets

Whether you are an excellent baker or have a sweet spot for sweets - let it show! Baked goods and desserts are an Easter staple and a true treat for our mouths AND eyes. Here are a few ideas on how to make this work:

- Let the dessert be an ode to spring - have them decorated with fresh fruit, berries, and even flowers. 
- One centerpiece cake or many delicate desserts? The amount is up to you as both options are great.
- If dessert is your main theme, opt for pastel table linen in pink, beige, nude, oryellow tones as they will beautifully contribute to the sweet tablescape. 


Table linen cake

4. Organic touches

A tribute to waking nature, all sorts of natural, organic details can become a beautiful decoration. Adorn the table with budding and blossoming branches, little colorful quail eggs, and trays of freshly grown wheatgrass. Don’t forget the edible greens! Offer colorful bunches of red radishes and little carrots with their leaves on as a snack. Edible sprouted seeds can work both as a decoration and a tasty salad or sandwich topping. Did you know that sprouting is easy? You can find detailed instructions and a couple of tasty recipes in our blog article on sprouting

Easter table


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Happy Easter!

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