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Every day is the right day to appreciate and thank the most important woman in our lives - our mom. But Mother’s Day still stands as a special occasion to celebrate the love, attention, and warmth she gives to us. So if you are on the lookout for a gift to express your feeling, we have prepared several ideas that your mother might appreciate.


1. 2 Sets of Linen Napkins 

Under 30 €

Showing attention doesn’t always require grand gifts. This little but sweet table accessory will surely remind her of you every time it is used. Our napkins come in sets of 2 so you are free to mix and match two colors or stick with one. 

2. Linen Apron and 2 Kitchen Towels 

Under 50 €

A lovely uniform for those busy moms with a passion for cooking or gardening. The set includes one comfortable linen apron and two linen tea towels. These pieces are made of soft, yet highly durable and easily washable linen to last for many years. 

3. Table Linen Sets

Under 80 €

Surprise your mom with a lovely tablescape! Whether you will set the table in person or not, a beautiful set of table linen always speaks of celebration. You can choose from two different sets:

- linen tablecloth (size 140 x 140 cm) and a set of 4 linen coasters;

- linen table runner (size 40 x 150 cm), two linen placemats, and a set of 4 linen coasters.

Combine colors and prints of your liking to create a unique set specially for your mother. 

4. Linen Nightdress

Under 100 €

Treat your mother with a lovely linen nightdress and bring some luxury into her nighttime routine. Linen is naturally hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, so it feels wonderful against the skin. The loose yet flattering fit will let the body feel comfortable all night. The nightdress is available in several soft colors.

5. Linen Bed Set

Under 200 €

Make your mom feel like a queen in fluffy, cloud-like linen sheets! Made of soft and lightweight linen, our bed sets allow for a good night’s sleep. So with linen bedding, you are also giving a gift of comfort and a good rest. Bed sets are available in several beautiful colors to match any interior or taste.


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