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5 Bedroom Essentials For Fall


Despite we like it or not, winter is slowly approaching, and as the evenings are getting more and more chilly, we tend to spend more time curled up under our sheets with a book or a movie. But as we are taking a positive approach towards this weather shift, we took our time to prepare a list of essentials that will help you to cozy-up your bedroom for fall.



As the days are getting shorter we tend to complain about the lack of light. So although it may seem counterintuitive, we invite you to opt for darker bedding colours to set the calm, relaxing mood. Leave lighter colours for living room or kitchen, e.i. places where you need to be more active and awake. But bringing darker colours to your bedroom will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

You can find great options for darker linen bedding right here.

In photo: Dark Grey Linen Bedding Set



In case you decide to slip in your sheets a bit earlier to read a magazine or a book before bed, don’t forget to have that soft and cosy blanket at hand. Wrap yourself up in it or throw it on your feet for extra warmth. Blankets and throws are also a great finishing touch when making your bed in the morning.


In photo: Light Grey Waffle Linen Blanket



One trick to instantly set the calm, easy mood is to light some candles. Find a nice place in your bedroom, like a nightstand, place a tray with tea candles and enjoy the warm light. Opt for scented candles if you like to have a little session of aromatherapy, too. Choose calming scents like pine or cinnamon for calming effect.

By the way, don’t forget to open a window for a minute before going to sleep to let in some fresh air after you blow out the candles.



If you enjoy aromatherapy and scented candles are not your favourite options, various incenses and essential oil diffusers to turn your bedroom into calming oasis. Great scent options are cinnamon, chamomile, lavender or frankincense. But do experiment and find what works best for you.



Whether you like a good fiction or interior design albums, keep a few books on your nightstand next to your bed. Enjoying a good read might be a great source of inspiration before a new day. Reading might also help to calm down your mind, reduce stress, stimulate your imagination and creativity.

So pick a couple of books from your local library or bookstore and keep them by your bed. Who knows, this might also grow into a great habit of reading more!


On the Left: Ash Linen Duver Cover + Light Grey Linen Flat Sheet + Dark Grey Linen Pillow Case + Cafe Creme Linen Pillow Case
On the Right: Light Grey Waffle Linen Blanket

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