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Christmas Home Decor Ideas And Trends 2019


It seems like not so long ago we talked about home decor trends for 2019. And suddenly we find ourselves at the very end of this year, planning our Christmas decorations and presents and browsing endlessly through ideas. But actually, we thought that this is a great opportunity to look once again at the main home design trends we had this year and to apply them while preparing our homes for Christmas.

In this blog article want to remind you about the main home decor trends for 2019 and also to share our ideas on how to make these trends work for Christmas home decor. We also prepared several Pinterest boards to make it easier for you to browse through ideas. So whether you are just looking for inspiration or already planning your Christmas decorations, we hope you will find something that you like.



Handmade, sustainable home decor pieces are a hit this year. But apart from that, we see them as a conscious choice and a natural part of our life. Choosing something handmade means choosing something that was made with love, attention and it gives a whole new meaning to it as well as adding more value.

So this year we encourage you to add something handmade to your Christmas decor or even making something yourself. Opt for handmade table linen, wooden Christmas tree ornaments, handmade clay tableware. They will add that cozy, homey feeling. DIY Christmas ornaments are especially a hit among our team as they bring back those beautiful childhood Christmas memories.

More inspiration in our Pinterest board:



This might sound unusual, but Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the main or only greenery during Christmas. Although winter might not be the greenest season in some parts of the world, now it is not so difficult to find more options for evergreen plants in your local flower shop. Consider various different types of eucalyptus, also wheat, and cotton plant. You might use them in making table centerpieces, holiday wreaths. If you are up for something completely different this year, skip the traditional Christmas tree and decorate a huge bouquet of eucalyptus with delicate Christmas tree toys.

Also, if you have a thing for animal prints, now is the perfect time to incorporate them into your Christmas decorations. Be careful not to overdo it, though. A few accents are enough. Opt for animal print table linen pieces, Christmas tree ornaments.

More inspiration in our Pinterest board:



We love this trend as it is so easy to combine different pieces and get that clean, soft, minimalist (or not) result. Choose decor pieces in beige, nude, blush colours. Add burnt orange tones if you want a pop of colour. Also, add more white if you wish to create a light, illuminated look.

Go for earthy toned table linen, tableware, Christmas tree ornaments. It is more difficult to overdo it with this trend, so you can feel free to experiment and add more decorations than usual, e.g. adding extra decorations to your Christmas tree, using a full set of colour-coordinated table linen, starting with tablecloth and table runners and finishing with napkins and coasters.

More inspiration in our Pinterest board:

In photo: White Linen Tablecloth



If you want to create a more luxurious feeling, opt for large details or small accents in rich jewel tones, especially deep blues and greens. But do not worry, not everything has to be dark. Consider creating a dedicated place where you will use darker tones. Try decorating Christmas tree with darker ornaments and throwing few blue or green cushion covers on your couch. Or create a beautiful table setting using a darker linen tablecloth, colour-coordinated tableware and table decorations.

More inspiration in our Pinterest board:

In photo: Dark Grey Linen Tablecloth + Dark Grey Linen Napkins + Deep Water Table Runner



Brass, gold or silver details are a great addition to any of the above trends. Decorated cutlery, Christmas tree ornaments, candle holders will add a beautiful, festive accent. But the key here is to stick to the same metal colour as much as you can.

We suggest two ways how you can use metal details. The first one is to scatter many little metal accents everywhere, e.g. using few delicate Christmas tree ornaments, one or two candle holders, metal coasters for cups and glasses. The second way is to create a memorable centerpiece for your table setting. Gather several different size brass or gold candle holders, place them in the center of the table, nesting them in evergreen plants like pine or eucalyptus branches. Also, use same colour cutlery, coasters, even try adding metal tableware.

More inspiration in our Pinterest board:



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