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Enchant your life with Linen Tales

Enchant your life with Linen Tales

Once upon a time, in a world enchanted by Linen Tales, there lived a community of people who embraced the magic of everyday moments. Their hearts were filled with love, and their spirits exuded bravery. They welcomed the beauty of sunlit days and opened their doors to a realm of imagination.

The fairy tales of everyday

The tale of Linen Tales began with a group of passionate individuals who discovered that the key to unlocking everyday fairy tales was through the power of comfort, beauty, and meaningful connections. They realized that the stories of their childhood were not lost, but were being rewritten in their daily lives.

Their creativity and love for linen led them to craft modern home linens and linen clothes that held the potential to become the start of extraordinary stories. They saw each linen piece as a possibility for creating a cozy home, for joyous gatherings with loved ones, for colorful dreams, and for celebrating the simple beauty of life.


Creating your tale: the package concept

To inspire others to see these linens as the beginnings of their own tales, Linen Tales devised a unique package concept. With each delivery, a parcel would arrive, containing the opening lines of a story about the linens' journey to their new home. Curiosity would stir as the package was opened, revealing the next part of the tale, and leaving room for the recipient to weave their own narrative - to continue the story and create their happily ever after.

Linen Tales packing

Linen Tales understood that the items we invite into our homes become intertwined with the fabric of our daily existence. Thus, they carefully handcrafted each piece, from big linen tablecloths to fluffy towels and cool, soft linen pillowcases. Their intention was to bring joy to people's lives for many years to come.

And so, the enchanting world of Linen Tales flourished, where ordinary moments transformed into extraordinary stories. People embraced the magic of their linens, cherishing the memories of laughter, warmth, and love that these textiles bore witness to.


Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

At Linen Tales, we take great pride in offering sustainable products that make a positive impact from the moment they arrive at your doorstep. To minimize the use of plastic, we opt for recycled plastic packaging only when it is absolutely necessary to protect the products and maintain their quality. Therefore, our B2B clients receive their products in one large bag per box instead of complimentary individual bags.


We also prioritize packaging materials that are more environmentally friendly:

  • We use only recycled cardboard boxes.
  • We opt for adhesive paper tape to secure the parcels.
  • For small items, we utilize mailing bags made from 100% recycled paper, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), and sourced from a German factory.
  • For long-distance shipments, we use mailing bags produced in Denmark, made from 100% recycled plastic originally used for bag production, which has been repurposed into ethical packs.

Linen Tales Packing


Last word

As the days passed, more and more individuals found themselves believing in the power of their own tales, knowing that each linen held the potential to create beautiful stories of their lives. With hearts full of love and bravery, they continued to write their own Linen Tales, making every day a page in their extraordinary journey. And in this world of imagination, joy, and sunlit days, the Linen Tales lived on, touching the lives of all who welcomed them into their homes.

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