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How To Declutter Your Home This Spring


Every time the spring is around and the nature is rejuvenating, we feel inspired to do the same to our homes, too. Getting rid of all the clutter, putting things back into their places, or even finding them new homes always give a sense of freedom and calmness. It almost feels like the air becomes cleaner, the mood – more positive, and the mind – clearer.

This spring, we are inviting you to join us in this decluttering movement, and thus we’ve gathered some tips for you. There are a couple ways to tackle this: you can either perform spring cleaning on your entire place, or divide it into spaces and do them one by one. We recommend the latter, as it is not as overwhelming and time-consuming, so it makes it much easier to do a really thorough job. But it is most important to get down to work, so here is a step-by-step instruction, and let’s get going!

1. Pick your space

It can be the one that bothers you must because it is so cluttered, or maybe the one you spend the most time at – but we always advise you to start with one that brings you the highest discomfort.

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2. Empty the space completely

We know it sounds kind of harsh, but take our word for it – the best way to declutter your space is by clearing it out completely. Only furniture, carpets, and other large, hardly-movable items should remain. It is important because starting on an empty canvas will help you to properly evaluate what is useful and should get back in, and what doesn’t serve you any more.

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Now that your space is empty, it is time to get the work going and clean everything properly. Yes, that does include the crooks and corners you haven’t seen in ages.

In photo: Forest Green Linen Apron

4. Sort everything through

Once you have your space ready, it is time to move on to the things. You should check and evaluate every single item and decide whether to keep it or not. Yes, you might need to say buh-bye to many things. Here’s what you should ask yourself to make the decision easier: do we really need this? What does it give to this space? Does it perform any important functions? Also try to notice if you have duplicates of any of the things, useless trifles, old or forgotten items – none of these are truly useful any more, are they?

For this step, you can prepare a few large bags or boxes with different labels: trash, recycle, donate. Old magazines, worn clothing, and similar stuff can be recycled, while the shoes and clothes that are still in good condition should be donated for charity.

You will probably come across some nostalgic items, too. But how often do you take them out? Or is it just the memory you are cherishing? If certain pieces are really important to you, they should have a dedicated space then.

5. Re-creating the space

Now that the space is clean and the things are sorted, it is time to put them back inside. It is probably the most fun part as you can get as creative as you like and design the space in a brand new manner. During this step, it is important to pay attention to each item – those that are used often should be easy to reach, while those that are not needed as often can be put further away. Each piece should have its own designated spot in order to achieve the final goal: to have a functional, pleasant, comfortable space.

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6. Maintaining the space

All the efforts will be wasted if we do not try to maintain the order constantly. Cleaning your home (and clearing your mind!) is the perfect time to think about our home, what we wish to make of it and what we appreciate. What’s our relationship with the things we own? Are we consumers? Do we consider the style of our home and the functionality of the things once we are out shopping?

Ourselves, we love quality materials and long-lasting items. We believe that investing into durable things will make us enjoy them much more, and we won’t become crazy consumers constantly replacing cheap, poor quality items. Home is where we strive to feel cozy and comfortable, so let’s have a think about what does that mean to each of us. Good luck with your spring cleaning!


In photo: Powder Linen Waffle Towel + Beige Linen Waffle Towel + White Linen Waffle Towel

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