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Tips For A Brighter Home


 Last time on our blog, we spoke about decluttering. We believe it is a truly important practice, and now that it’s been completed, it is time to talk about light. A bright home creates a sense of lightness in both the surroundings and the mind, so today we have prepared some easy tips that will make your home feel bright and even more inviting. And with summer around the corner and sun high in the sky, there is no need to look for inspiration anywhere else but in nature.

1. Opt for whites

The whiter the lighter – we’re sure you know this already. A white tablecloth will instantly brighten up your dining room, while classic white sheets will make your bedroom feel as light as a summer cloud. In the bathroom, go for white accessories – waffle linen towels, cases and baskets for toiletries, shelves, and so on. And don’t shy away from white accessories if you have a dark interior – the contrast will make the accessories pop even more.


2. Embrace neutral colors

As pretty as it looks, entirely white space can be difficult to maintain. That’s why we suggest matching white with other neutrals, whether it’s warm earthy tones or colder greys – anything works. They will help to keep the space light while also being easy to mix and match, thus helping to create different moods and atmospheres. Get a new linen bedding in any of these neutral colors and create the real harmony in your bedroom.


In photo: Light Grey Linen Flat Sheet + Sage Linen Pillow Cases + Light Grey Linen Pillow Cases + White Linen Duvet Cover + Ash Linen Duvet Cover

3. Do play with a pop of color

A space full of neutral colors can be easily updated with some brighter accents. Do remember that lighter shades will make it pop instantly, so have a good think which color you would like to see. Other than that – it is one of the easiest ways to experiment and bring some liveliness into any interior. Add some bright colored linen cushion covers to your interior and you’ll see a difference straightaway!


In photo: Ash Linen Pillow Cases + Light Grey Linen Pillow Cases + Almond Linen Duvet Cover + Light Grey Linen Flat Sheet + Moss Green Linen Cushion Cover + Forest Green Linen Cushion Cover

4. Let the light in!

Of course, light is the most important. Try to let as much natural light inside as possible, making sure nothing is blocking its way too much. Don’t put massive, heavy furniture next to your windows, and choose light daytime curtains that will provide just enough privacy while remaining sheer and allowing you to enjoy all the natural rays.

In photo: Daytime Tunnel Linen Curtain

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