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Inspiring Decor Ideas For A Perfect Christmas Table


Last time on the blog we talked about how to apply this year’s home decor trends in decorating your home for Christmas. But this time we are focusing solely on table decor. Long family dinners and get-together with friends over a celebratory meal is something that brings so much joy during this holiday season. And we want to make it more special by taking the time to decorate and dress our tables. So here are few beautiful ideas that we hope will inspire you.



White is a true classic that never gets old. Just think of it - sometimes all it takes is a crisp white tablecloth to create a celebratory mood without any additional effort. But we encourage you to go further and create that white Christmas table that will resemble true snow covered winter. First of all, go for all white table linen. And as linen has its natural and beautiful tendency to wrinkle, try keeping it that way. If linen is too wrinkly, spray it with water instead of ironing it. Water will make the linen more even and you can brush bigger wrinkles with your palm.

Next, opt white and clear glass tableware and accessories. If you feel that the table setting is all too white, don’t be afraid to mix in some accents in natural colours, e.g. evergreen plants, metallic or black candle holders.

In photo: White Linen Tablecloth + White Linen Napkins with Fringes + White Linen Table Runner with Fringes


By the way, if you have a cake planned for Christmas dinner, let it be white!



If you would like to bring warmth and coziness to your Christmas table, try going for calm and warm earthy tones. Different shades from light beige and blush to darker nude and baked clay go well together, so you can easily style them by mixing and matching different colours. When choosing table linen, try mixing white with earthy tones to create a bright and soft mood. Stay with ceramic tableware to keep it down to earth or add metallic accessories to make the table look more luxurious. Golden and brass accents will look fantastic. One rule here - stick with only one colour for all metallic accessories.

In photo: White Linen Tablecloth



As much as the Christmas season is usually painted in bright colours and over-decorated with sparkling ornaments, we sometimes like to turn to a simple, natural, minimalist approach. If you feel that this year you want to bring the focus back to simplicity, go for muted table linen colours, natural materials, handmade pieces like handmade tableware. You can choose natural evergreen plants or even beautiful red apples and unshelled nuts as a decoration, placing them in beautiful bowls or scattering them over the table.

In photo: Natural Linen Tablecloth + Dark Grey Linen Napkins



Create an unusual Christmas table by going all (or almost all) green. Mix and match table linen of green shades, e.g. light green linen tablecloth and dark green linen napkins. And don’t stop there - decorate your table with evergreen plants. For a more modern look, use freshly cut bouquets of green flowers or leafy branches. If you are feeling cheeky, use palm leaves and exotic plants on your table. It will add a really unexpected twist and will surely surprise your guests!

Find much more linen tablecloths for your Christmas table on our page.


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