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Humble at first sight, linen aprons are one of the most important accessories for professional chefs and generally everyone who spends time in the kitchen. Besides that, the durable and long-lasting apron is perfect for gardening, housework, or crafting like pottery and painting. At Linen Tales, we make all our aprons from 100% natural European linen that is pre-softened and pre-shrunk, so the aprons are soft to touch and keeps their form and size after washing.

The main purpose of an apron is to protect your clothing from dirt and splashes (while looking stylish, too!). But there are many styles, shapes, and forms of linen aprons, and we do have a handful of options here at Linen Tales. So which one is best for you and how to choose? Here is a short guide on different linen apron styles to help you out.

Daily Apron

Simple and straightforward, Daily Apron is one of the most popular apron styles. A perfect choice to always have at hand in the kitchen or garden. It has two front pockets for storing handy tools and items. While the neck strap is fixed, the tie closure at the back lets you adjust the size.

For daily use, we recommend our Regular Linen Apron made from 100% linen. It has an optimal length, two big pockets, and a comfortable fit. It pleases every person, and you can match various colors.

Our linen aprons are made from easy care, pre-washed linen. It is super soft, easy to wash, and looks spectacular. For these aprons, we use 245 g/m2 of the linen fabric that was carefully woven, dyed, and sewn into these lovely linen aprons. After sewing, they were pre-washed to give them structure, softness, and a rustic look. Linen Apron Regular comes in different colors: natural, gray, navy, mustard, blue, graphite grey, and purple. There will be more colors in the future.

Daily linen apron and chef linen apron

Chef Apron

A highly durable and comfortable piece that will give you full coverage in the front, sides, and back. The Chef Apron will be appreciated by those who love to get their hands dirty, work with passion, and wants to look stylish at the same time. Adjustable neck strap and back ties allow you to make this apron fit your size perfectly.

Crossback Apron

As much as it is stylish, the soft Crossback Apron is super comfortable. No ties or adjustable straps - you simply slip into it, and you are ready to go! Just like our other aprons, this one is made of pre-washed linen, making it pleasant to touch. Yet don’t be fooled. This trusty piece will withstand many splashes and washing cycles.

Crossback Linen Apron and Garcon linen apron

Garçon Apron

We developed this style with dedicated cooking professionals. This style is usually common in restaurants and cafes but is pretty comfortable to use at home while cooking. Garçon Apron fully covers half of your body - from waist to knees and is super easy to adjust to the size you need. Notice four handy pockets that allow you to carry all the necessary items you need to have at hand.

This 100% linen apron is made from mid-weight linen fabric and comes in a wide variety of colors: natural, black, blue, navy, mustard, purple, natural stripe, red stripe, black stripe, and brown. Other colors are available at request.

Garcon linen apron looks good on both men and women. You can wear it with your favorite t-shirt or classy shirt, no matter how your wear it – this linen apron will be the perfect addition to your kitchen fashion.

Luxury Apron

Just as the name states, this apron does have a touch of luxury to it. Made of natural heavy-duty linen and leather neck strap, Luxury Apron will effectively protect you from stains and splashes. It’s a great gift for a person who is passionately involved in any activity that requires an apron, be it cooking or painting.

Luxury apron and pinafore linen aprons

Pinafore Apron

A Pinafore Apron, also known as a Japanese apron, is similar to a Crossback but has even more coverage in the back and is a bit longer. It is simple to slip on, super comfortable to wear, yet too lovely to take off. That is why it comes in many beautiful colors - choose the one you feel the best in and feel free to wear this stylish uniform around the house!

Aprons are great at keeping your clothes clean. But how do you keep the apron itself from getting ruined the next time you wear it? Remember that linen aprons are easily washable and can withstand many washing cycles. And you can read our useful guide on how to remove almost every stain from your linen to keep your apron in the best shape possible.

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