May 14, 2021 2 min read

Designed by Japanese designer Hiromi Wakayama and colorfully touched by us, Linen Tales + JAPAN collection retains its staple Unisex concept. From tops and shirts to trousers and coats - one-size pieces can dress different people in one social bubble and even encourage to share the same clothing pieces with the loved ones regardless of age and size.

Linen Tales + JAPAN is a tribute to freedom and comfort - qualities that both city dwellers and nature lovers will appreciate. Loose clothing silhouettes ensure freedom of movement while natural linen provides temperature control, making this collection perfect for summer but equally comfortable all year round.

The collection includes 13 models and different color variations: from classic White, Navy, Natural, and Black to vivid Fuchsia, bright Poppy, and dreamy Grape.

Larch Shirt

Slightly classic yet relaxed, the Larch shirt is a piece we couldn’t imagine our wardrobe without. With this collection, we wanted to create an opportunity to share the same clothing with your close ones, so this shirt (like most of the pieces in the collection) can be worn by him and her. Wear with Plantain or Acorn trousers to create an effortless summer uniform. Choose from bright or mellow colors to find what fits your personality the best.

 New linen shirt for men and women

Glueder Rose Dress

Made of soft and flowy linen, our Gueldre Rose dress is comfortable enough to live in all summer. The loose silhouette not only looks flattering but gives your body room to move and your skin to breathe during warmer weather. You can also wear this piece in two ways:

- for her: buttoned up and worn on its own as a dress or over the leggings or trousers

- for him and her: unbuttoned and worn as a light coat over a t-shirt or a dress.

 Linen summer dress and shirt

Oak Coat

A classy piece, our Oak coat is perfect for breezy summer days but can be worn all year. Available in Black and Herringbone Grey, it can be beautifully layered with a lightweight dress, linen summer wear, or with jeans and a sweater. Delicately textured fabric, two comfy pockets, and a straight silhouette are combined to make this piece relaxed yet sophisticated.

 Linen Black Coat


Plantain Trousers

Slightly tapered, our Plantain trousers can look both classy and relaxed, depending on how you wear them. But one thing for sure - they are created to give you as much comfort as possible. Lightweight and moisture-wicking linen allow your skin to breathe, so you can feel your best strolling in the city or exploring the seaside.

Linen trousers


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