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Spending more time at home in the last year or two (who still counts, right?) shifted our attention to our home wear. The demand is clear - we want to feel comfortable while lounging or going about our day yet still look good. Influenced by the global lifestyle change, we created a new linen loungewear collection for him and her, that meets the abovementioned needs and brings a whole new comfort level to lounging and sleeping.

We are devoted advocates of the idea that linen is the best fabric for sleep. So just like sleeping in linen bedding, wearing linen brings all the same amazing benefits. Being naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and soft, linen is a gentle and suitable fabric for even the most sensitive and problematic skin. Linen’s moisture-wicking and thermoregulatory properties are what lets your skin breathe and your body feels comfortable all the time. And despite all the gentle properties of linen, it is highly durable and easily washable. Even more - it gets better and softer with every wash!

Loungewear for Her

Mayflower Nightdress

Add an element of elegance to your sleep routine with our Mayflower nightdress. Flowy and lightweight and adorned with a V neck in the front and back.

Linen nigthdress white


Primrose Loungewear Set

Created for sleeping and lounging, our Primrose shirt and trousers set is a wearable comfort zone. The waist of trousers can be adjusted with the tie while the loose fit of both garments allows your body to move freely.

Loungerwear linen set

Loungewear for Him

Fern Pyjama Set

Made of soft and lightweight linen, this short-sleeve shirt and shorts set is perfect for warm weathers or hot sleepers. Whatever your favorite sleeping pose is, the loose fit will allow complete freedom of movement.

 Linen pyjama for men

Thorn Loungewear Set

How about a smart casual outfit for lounging and sleeping? Our Thorn shirt and pants set is so comfortable, you will wish you could wear it outside. 

Linen loungewear is a wonderful addition to your linen bedding that your body will thank you for. But if you are still hesitant about linen and are not sure if linen bedding is a good option for you, check our blog article about how linen bedding can make you a better person in ways you may not have thought about.

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