January 17, 2020 2 min read

Linen is considered as probably the strongest natural fiber in the world, but even the toughest of us need to be treated gently and with love, right? The same goes for linen bedding. It is a durable option and may last you for many years. But for it to do so, proper care must be taken. Do not be afraid, it actually might be easier than you might think.

We get a lot of questions about how to take care of linen bedding and also we see that some of you might be intimidated by myths about linen bedding and its care. So here we give a few useful and simple tips on how to take care of linen fabric. We hope you will see how simple it is!


Basics of washing

You can either wash linen bedding in a washing machine or hand wash it, both options are good.

For both methods, the max temperature should be 40°C. Always wash with similar colours. If using a washing machine, do not overload it, as laundry may not be washed or rinsed properly.

Also, always check the manufacturer's recommendations for how to treat your linen product as they may vary a bit depending on manufacturer.


Cleaning the stains

If you happen to spill your morning brew or found some chocolate stains from yesterday's movie-in-bed night, it is best to clean them as soon as possible. By the way, you can find useful tricks on how to clean stains from linen fabric right here (aimed at table linen, but the same rules apply to bed linen).

It is possible to use a stain cleaner on linen bedding. But to make sure it is safe for the fabric, try using a little amount of it on an invisible place, like the inner seam. Just add a little amount of stain remover on the fabric and rub it with a cotton swab. If the colour transfers to cotton, the cleaner is unsuitable and will remove the colour from stained places. If the cotton swab stays white, stain remover should be safe to use.

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Using bleach on linen bedding is not recommended with a couple of exceptions. Detergent with bleaching agents may be used on white linen. Also, if you have more serious stains on white linen, you can use bleach that contains no chlorine as it may weaken the fabric and make it wear off quite fast.


Additional tips

If you like the neat look, you can iron linen bedding while it is still damp. But we recommend hanging it on a line as this way it will not get super wrinkly but will still maintain that natural wavy linen look that we encourage you to embrace.


These are the main tips on linen bedding care. As you can see, linen doesn’t require much special care. And the benefits of sleeping in linen bedding reach far beyond only a better sleep quality!



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