October 06, 2020 2 min read

When it comes to choosing home linen for kids, especially bedding, we make our choices based on several criteria, like softness, durability, fabric composition, easy washing instructions and so. That is why some of the parents are strongly hesitant about choosing linen bedding for their little ones. Linen had and often still has a reputation of being harsh and thick fabric, that needs to be washed only by hands and shrinks after being washed in warm water.

Here are some reasons why the common myths are not true and why linen bedding is actually great for our little ones.

Linen Tales kids linen bedding

1. Linen is soft and skin-friendly

Nowadays, technologies allow us to make various kinds of linen, from thick, which can be used for upholstery, to thin linen that we at Linen Tales use for our bedding. We prewash it in the process so it becomes soft and has that lived-in feeling. Furthermore, linen has natural hypoallergenic properties which make this fabric gentle to the skin, even sensitive one. Lastly, we use only OEKO-TEX certified linen, which means it is safe to use in contact with human skin and that no toxic chemicals were used in the process of making the fabric.

Linen Tales kids linen bedding

2. Linen is highly breathable

Linen is widely known as fabric perfect for summer. Although linen is just as perfect and suitable for cold seasons, it has this reputation mainly because of being highly breathable. Because of this, linen allows the skin to breathe and maintains a comfortable temperature regardless of whether your little one is a hot or a cold sleeper. Linen is also loved for moisture-wicking properties which allow the fabric to dry faster and prevent from bacteria building up.

Linen Tales kids linen bedding

3. Linen is highly durable and easily washable

While being oh-so-cute, our little ones are not always careful. So dealing with spotted and stained linens is a daily task and the strong and easily washable fabric is a priority. Luckily, linen has both of these qualities. Flax linen is considered to be one of the strongest natural fibers, therefore linen items can withstand many washing cycles. And just like cotton, linen can be easily washed in a washing machine with a recommended temperature of 40 C / 105 F.

If you are considering using linen bedding for your little ones, have a look around our KIDS bed linen collection.

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