Kids Care

The little heroes need a lot of accessories to stay clean while conquering the world, so our KIDS Care collection includes all the necessities: from Linen Swaddles and Change Mats to Toiletry Bags and Pouches.

We know that nothing but the best will do for your little ones, so the products are made using 100% linen, which is EUROPEAN FLAX® and OEKO-TEX® certified. The fabric is a true gift of nature for the whole family as it holds amazing breathability, thermoregulation, and moisture-wicking properties. Thanks to them, linen allows the skin to breathe freely, absorbs moisture fast, and dries quickly, too.

Our linen care accessories for kids are a perfect choice for delicate or even allergenic skin. Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, linen is less prone to bacteria or mildew building up inside the fibers and thus is gentle and safe to use for the whole family.

KIDS care products are available in several mellow colors. Linen Tales™ KIDS Care collection includes:

Kids Linen Change Mats. Wonderful to use at home yet easy to fold and pack whenever you head out or travel. The outer shell of the change mat is made of soft, sustainable linen to provide your little one with the comfort that they need. Thanks to strong materials, this linen change mat is durable and easy to wash.

Kids Linen Pouches. Created to securely hold all the creams, napkins and diapers, or any other necessary care products in one place. The functional linen pouch features a hook-and-loop closure which makes it easy to use even with one hand.

Kids Linen Swaddles.Lightweight and soft as a cloud, our linen swaddles will become favorites in no time for swaddling, covering your little one from the sun, or using as a wipe cloth. These baby swaddles are made from presoftened hypoallergenic linen that will provide a gentle embrace for the little one. Durable and easy to wash whenever needed.

Kids Linen Toiletry Bags. From toiletry items to toys and snacks, our durable and functional linen toiletry bags are perfect for holding any little necessities your little one may need on their adventure.