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What is a capsule wardrobe?

If you often find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe thinking about what to wear to the point where you are late to leave home, a capsule wardrobe might be a change that you need. A capsule is a consciously formed collection of essentials, where each piece matches and complements the others. Capsule consists of timeless, classic garments in coordinated colors, usually accompanied with a few accent pieces to show off your personality, like a fuchsia-colored shirt or a green coat.

What are the benefits of a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is versatile

In short, having a well-built capsule wardrobe means you can pick any two pieces from your closet and they will beautifully match each other. So you can easily create different stylish outfits from the same limited number of garments.

A capsule wardrobe is time-saving

When all your garments match, you can spend considerably less time thinking about what to wear. It is simple math: less time for worrying, more time for yourself.

A capsule wardrobe is sustainable

A well-thought collection of classic pieces is timeless. This means you have a wardrobe that lasts for seasons and never gets out of style. So when building a capsule wardrobe, we strongly recommend choosing only high-quality pieces made of natural materials, like linen, cotton, or silk. Instead of impulsive buys, choose pieces that fit you and match other garments in your closet.

8 essential items to start building your capsule wardrobe

Outerwear: Michelle coat

Make sure your wardrobe includes a good piece of outerwear. Choose something that fits your style and is versatile to wear with both trousers, skirts, and dresses, like a classic button-up mid-length coat with pockets.

Linen Coat

Button-up shirts: Poplar shirt

Even if you are not building a capsule wardrobe, a button-up shirt is a must-have. This timeless piece is something you can wear on any occasion and it looks good with almost anything. You can not go wrong with a white shirt, but you can choose another neutral color that fits you.


T-shirts: White t-shirt

A timeless basic that you can wear both with jeans or under a jacket. And you can choose what suits you best - boat neck, V-neck, loose fit, tight fit, etc.

A well-fitting jacket: Oprah jacket

You can have a single jacket, but be sure that it fits you perfectly. Slightly elongated, gathered at the waist jacket is a classic that we recommend.

Comfy but elegant trousers: Erna trousers

This piece will see you through any day as elegant trousers go well with anything. Make sure they are of good quality, fit you well, and are of the right length (not too long and not too short). You want these trousers to be less casual which makes them highly versatile.

Dress: Abigail dress

With this piece, you can really express your style. However, if you are building a capsule wardrobe, we recommend having a dress that is not too revealing, can be worn with both dressy shoes or sneakers, and can be equally great for formal and informal events. Consider a longer or mid-length dress with subtle details.

Shoes: Oxford style shoes

High heels or combat boots are great but classic oxford style shoes will take you through any day. Black colored, with or without laces, they will go with jeans, dresses, or classic trousers.

Scarf: Dandelion scarf

A lightweight scarf is a practical and elegant accessory. Choose one in a neutral color and wear it with anything.

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