Hemp Pillowcases

It’s a wonderful feeling to rest your head on a comfy pillow and slowly drift off to a beautiful dream, isn’t it? Our new Hemp Pillowcases will leave you dreaming about this moment all day. Featured in our new Hemp Bedding Collection, the pillowcases are soft to touch, lovely to look at and oh-so-wonderful to sleep on.

We use fine 100% hemp fabric that has superb breathability and thermoregulating properties, thus ensuring your comfort and good night’s sleep during both cold and warm seasons. Hypoallergenic properties make these bedding pieces great for those with allergy-prone, irritated or sensitive skin. Also, our Hemp Pillowcases will be appreciated by those seeking to be more eco-friendly as hemp fabric is considered to be one of the most sustainable ones. 

Choose from four nature-inspired colors and several different sizes to fit both pillow and the interior. The matching colors in the Hemp Bedding collection make it easy to mix and match these pillowcases with a Hemp Duvet Cover or Hemp Sheets