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A towel is a functional and commonly used home textile accessory that can be found in every home and is mainly used for wiping and drying. Humble and often understated, this home linen piece is an irreplaceable assistant in our everyday lives. We reach for a little yet sturdy tea towel for wiping dishes, fruits, and vegetables or when dealing with accidental spills and splashes during the cooking process. And we love to wrap ourselves in a soft and fluffy bath towel after a steaming shower, not to mention smaller towels we use multiple times a day for our hands and faces.

So it is safe to say that a towel is one of the most popular home linen pieces used by adults as well as children. But how often do we stop to think about the quality and the composition of the towels we use?

A variety of different fabrics are used in making bath and kitchen towels - from synthetic like polyester to natural ones like bamboo, cotton being the most popular among them. However, knowing the fascinating properties of linen, we at Linen Tales are strong advocates of using this wonderful fabric for towels, too. Let us tell you why.

All you need is in this one towel

Well, when picking the towel for your home, you probably try to make sure it is easily washable, as this home linen accessory requires frequent washing. Along with that, the towel should be durable to last those never-ending washing cycles and hold its original form and quality for as long as possible. Next, it is always sought after that the towel would be great at serving its main purpose - absorbing the moisture instead of repelling it. Finally, we all love our towels to be soft, gentle to the touch and appealing to the eye to decorate our kitchen or bathroom. All these requirements we have are easily fulfilled by a linen towel, thanks to the amazing natural properties of linen, which we will cover later on.

Two types of linen towels

When thinking about linen, a thick, rough fabric may pop to mind. In reality, two completely different variations of this fabric are used for making linen towels. One is traditionally woven, thin linen that we use to make linen plain towels , and the second is waffle linen, also known as honeycomb linen, which we use for making linen waffle towels. The first one is great for the kitchen as well as for hand and face towels. Waffle linen is loved for its fluffy texture and is often chosen in the form of any bath towel. Both of these kinds of linen are softened in the making of the towels, so as a result, linen becomes gentle and pleasant to touch.

We are going to talk about linen properties and share the pros of using linen kitchen towels and linen bath towels, so read on to learn everything you need to know to choose the best towels for your home.

Why should you choose linen towels?

Towels are constantly at work when you think about it. If you spend at least a little amount of time in the kitchen, you know that occasional spills are inevitable, and you need to wipe your hands probably more than you would like. Therefore a kitchen towel is always in use and within close reach. And when it comes to bath towels, they always greet us in the morning and evening, finish our bathing routine with a fluffy touch, and are constantly used every time we wash our hands. So any kind of towel is constantly in use. Even more, not only this linen textile accessory is always on duty, it has to meet certain criteria about its quality and functionality.

In addition, linen is extremely long-lasting and easy to care for. Being one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet, linen is incredibly durable, meaning it can take many years before linen loses its quality. That is why you can wash linen towels as often as needed without worrying about wearing and tearing them. As linen is also low maintenance, you can machine or hand wash your towels in up to 40 oC / 100 oF water using mild detergent and fabric softener. You can check our linen product care guide to see the simple steps of linen care.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to texture and color, but we all have quite a similar understanding of what is a good towel. And as you probably have guessed right, everything depends on the fabric. We believe there is no better material for towels than linen, which is gifted by nature with incredible properties that not only aid for the longevity of the product but also have some health benefits.

Linen towels are the ideal choice for your sensitive skin

  1. Linen towels are highly absorbent

You have probably experienced the wave of frustration after realizing your brand new towel is simply not doing its work - instead of wiping and absorbing the moisture, it simply spreads it around, staying almost dry. Using a towel like that is like eating soup with a fork, right? You will not have this problem with linen towels as linen is highly absorbent and capable of holding up to 20% of its own weight in water before it even feels damp. This means less rubbing and less irritating your skin at its most fragile state – when it’s damp and softened by steam. Just press the linen towel on your skin gently – you’ll be dry in seconds and without any unnecessary irritation. What is more, linen is also great at evaporating moisture, meaning it can dry faster when compared to highly popular cotton towels.

  1. Linen towels are non-allergic

If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, you are probably careful about the fabrics that come in close contact with your skin. The natural properties of linen are what make this fabric the go-to choice for people with skin conditions. Not only are linen towels breathable, but they also have a neutral pH balance, making them perfect for sensitive skin. You will be pleased to know that linen has antiallergenic and antibacterial properties. And because of its moisture-wicking properties, linen dries faster, leaving less time and opportunity for bacteria and fungi to build up inside the towel. This is also important when talking about our little ones as their skin is more sensitive and requires gentle care. Linen creates a great microclimate for your skin – just wrap yourself up in your favourite linen towel and enjoy!

  1. Linen towels massage your skin

There’s a reason why the most luxurious European spas offer a service of wrapping the body in a damp linen fabric. This procedure is believed to cleanse the organism of toxins and, most importantly, revitalize it. Because of the microscopic breaks throughout linen, the towel provides your skin with a light massaging effect, leaving it feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Everything you need to know about kitchen tea towels

Our kitchens are full of tools and handy items that we use for baking, cooking, or simply making a sandwich. One of the items that we use on daily basis without even thinking about it is a kitchen towel. We just discussed why linen is the best material for towels, and for the same incredible natural properties, linen dish towels gained big popularity around the world. But apart from that, a linen kitchen towel has even more to it than you might think.

What kinds of linen kitchen towels are there?

There are a couple of types of linen kitchen towels, the most popular of which is a plain linen towel made of smooth, traditionally woven linen. Although quite thin, it can hold up a great amount of moisture, is highly durable, and washes easily. Less often, linen waffle towels are also seen in the kitchens. Softer and beautifully textured, they possess the same amazing properties as plain towels. But because waffle linen tends to be more delicate compared to plain linen, it is much often preferred as a material for linen bath towels.

Linen kitchen towel - a beautiful kitchen accessory

Apart from being a functional kitchen linen accessory and a sustainable alternative for paper towels, linen dish towels can also become a stylish addition to your kitchen interior. Some time ago, a tea towel was only a functional cloth for cleaning and wiping. But now, more and more attention is given to even the little details in the interior, like kitchen textiles. So linen aprons and towels are color-coordinated to match kitchen cabinets or other accents and complement the overall interior.

The fun thing about linen kitchen towels is that you can have them in many different colors or patterns to switch between them and match them to the kitchen style. Botanical prints or vintage look-inspired towels will find their place in a classic or Provence style kitchen, while check and stripe patterned towels will look amazing in a modern interior. Prints and patterns can also be mixed with plain colors to create beautiful combinations.

How to take care of your linen kitchen towels?

To maintain their look as well as functionality, frequent washing is inevitable. After all, kitchen towels end up collecting many food particles that may lead to foul smells and changes in color. Luckily, linen can withstand many washing cycles without losing its quality. However, some stains are more persistent and difficult to clean, like those from red wine or berries. We come to the rescue with our tips on how to clean almost every stain from your linen - simple and proven ways to keep your kitchen linen in the best shape.

All you need to know about linen bath towels

Just like kitchen linenbath towels are a natural part of our daily life at home. We use them for washing our hands and face after a bath or a shower, so naturally, with bath towels, we need a greater variety in size to meet our needs. That is why these linen textile accessories usually come in several different sizes that are more or less standard across different countries. The biggest one is called a linen bath towel and is used for the whole body after bathing or showering. The size can be around 75 x 100 cm / 30” x 49” or bigger. There is also a linen hand towel, sometimes called a linen guest towel. It is mainly used for hands, measuring around 45 x 65 cm / 18” x 28”. And the smallest one is called a linen face towel and is usually around 30 x 30 cm / 12” x 12”.

Highly functional and irreplaceable, linen bath towels also have a great impact on our bathroom interior. Because of its look and feel, linen surely has something luxurious about it. That is why a couple of fresh, color-coordinated linen towels will give a cozy and spa-like feeling to the space. Towels are especially visible in a smaller bathroom, so getting rid of old soggy towels and investing in a pair of high-quality ones might beautifully elevate your bathroom.

Why linen waffle towels are best for you? 

There is something special about that soft embrace of a linen waffle towel after a hot shower or bath. Not only do they sound delicious, but among all types of linen towels, they are the most popular and widely used ones. And not without a reason.

Waffle towels are made using a special honeycomb weave, which gives them an exceptional softness and a sumptuous look. This unusual texture makes them lightweight yet fluffy and super absorbent, too. Also, they are compact and take up very little space in your linen closet.  All these amazing qualities make them a perfect choice for your bathroom. But let’s dive a bit deeper.

Amazing moisture-absorbing qualities

You probably used several different towels in your life, some of them being better or worse than others. But in most cases, however fluffy and soft the towel is, you need to rub your skin to soak the moisture. Here is where the waffle linen differs from cotton, bamboo, or other natural fabrics. Because of the honeycomb texture and stunning properties of linen, it is usually enough to gently tap or press the towel against the skin to absorb the moisture.

Home spa experience

However, when tenderly rubbed against the skin, a linen waffle towel can give you a nice gentle massage. It lightly exfoliates and increases blood circulation in your skin, adding a spa-like finishing touch to your bath routine. That is why many luxurious resorts and spas offer waffle towels for their guests.

No more damp, musty towels

Nevertheless, whether you just enjoyed an incredible shower routine or simply washed your hands, you are always left with a damp towel. With high humidity in the bathroom and without proper drying, towels end up soggy and can even begin to build up bacteria and fungi. This is especially common with thick cotton towels as they need more time to completely dry. And we all know it is the worst feeling to accidentally use a musty towel for your face or after a nice hot bath. Yuck! Luckily, due to incredible moisture-wicking properties, linen waffle towels dry much faster than their cotton alternatives or many other towels for that matter. This also means that it takes longer for these bath linen accessories to turn moldy, making them perfect for anyone including those with allergies or our little ones.

The list of amazing features these fluffy linen textile pieces have is neverending but it is always best to try it yourself. So the next time your bathroom will require a linen update, make sure you include waffle linen in the shopping list.

* * *

As simple as it may look from first sight, towels are an integral part of our daily lives that can provide comfort and elevate our home if chosen wisely. That is why we wanted to show you all the fantastic qualities of linen towels and tell you why they are a perfect and sustainable choice for any home.

If you think your linen closet needs to be restocked, you are welcome to browse our hand-made linen kitchen towelslinen waffle towels, and linen plain towels to find the best options for you.

* * *

As simple as it may look from first sight, towels are an integral part of our daily lives that can provide comfort and elevate our home if chosen wisely. That is why we wanted to show you all the fantastic qualities of linen towels and tell you why they are a perfect and sustainable choice for any home.

If you think your linen closet needs to be restocked, you are welcome to browse our hand-made linen kitchen towels, linen waffle towels, and linen plain towels to find the best options for you.


  1. Are linen towels good?
Linen towels are great as they are soft, easily washable, and highly durable, making them last for many years. Also, they are much more absorbent and moisture-wicking compared to cotton towels.


  1. What is a linen tea towel?

A linen tea towel is a popular kitchen linen accessory, commonly used for wiping hands, dishes, kitchen countertops as well as cleaning any spills that happen while cooking. They are popular as they are highly durable, easily washable, and do not produce lint.

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